Leafing Out

Mid-May; the time of year when the bones of the northern New England forests are once again masked in greens and yellows. Tree trunks, stone walls and other hardscape details disappear into clouds of leaves and shadows. The calendar says it’s been spring for awhile but it doesn’t really feel like it until the trees leaf out.

Southern New Hampshire is officially Zone 5, and you really notice it this time of year when you travel regionally as much as I do. A trip to New York or Cape Cod can feel like a different world in early May. Zones 6 & 7 are that much further ahead of us. A trip further north reveals our own good fortune.

Flowering trees and shrubs are well underway, while daffodils are just past their peak. Now and then you get a surprise from a bulb that’s way behind popping up to say hello. A single pink Hyacinth poked through a day lily to announce it was time.

These are the early days of the growing season. Still a danger of frost lingering in the minds of eager gardeners, but safe for some plants. We haven’t seen the heat of summer yet, but we can anticipate it. This is mid-May and mid-spring all at once. Best to enjoy the show because it never lasts long.

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