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More in Less

Recently I’ve begun limiting myself to one cup of robust coffee when I brew it with the AeroPress, where I’d previously indulge in a second and often a third. It seems one does the trick, and one more would be too much. The net benefit is less money spent on coffee, fewer trips to the bathroom, and ironically, sharper focus.

There’s merit in avoiding the things that dull the senses, and embracing the things that electrify the senses. You’ll be the better for having done so. Take for example, a glass of single malt scotch.  It offers so much more in less. Savor it, reflect, take another sip. A little sip of Scotland to brighten your day. And an example of more in less. So I’m trying to take a similar approach to coffee.

Today feels like a good opportunity to practice brevity.  I’m averaging a little over 400 words per post.  Today’s contribution will lower that average a bit.  So be it. I chip away at it nonetheless. Sometimes less is more?


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  1. Is the coffee stronger? Maybe try “real” (espresso) for a change? No reason to commit, just try. Spending a few days or trips to France, Italy, etc and you start to think differently about coffee- but also in terms of increased enjoyment/efficiency (savoring) the fine drink we all call coffee.

    1. Same robust coffee, just more intense using the AeroPress. Or maybe I’m just getting to an age where pounding cup after cup of coffee just is causing more jitters than benefit

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