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Two Sides of the Coin

The last year highlighted the value of a good home, with a good yard, with good Internet. Having all three was the trifecta. But the last year also reminded us of what we were missing, out there, waiting for quarantines to end.

For all the bold claims of travel, I keep investing in new projects to fortify the homestead. In a time of amplified real estate frenzy, you either double down or cash out. I keep doubling down with new projects. You invest where you focus most. But always with an eye towards the future. Travel will have its time.

Many of us are fully vaccinated now and waiting for the world to pivot towards open borders, silently listing the destinations and the vehicles with which to get there. For 2021 I’m contemplating drives across the country instead of flights to the international bucket list. Local mountain peaks and waterfalls remain a priority, with more overnight hiking sprinkled in. Hopefully more time exploring the world from the water. And perhaps, this year, under it.

In the void, the projects continue. New garage doors sparkle! And point out the requirement for new trim. And of course now something must be done with that front door. The fence project of last year was a beautiful addition! And highlighted where it should have gone to, demanding extension. The garden, the pool, the appliances… everything calls for attention.

Always time and money. Travel and home each demand the same currencies. And this is the two sides of the coin that I find myself flipping. The coin keeps landing on home at the moment. But things have a way of leveling out… Right?

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