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Wake, Into This Life

The sound
of a bell
still reverberating.

or a blackbird
from a corner
of the

Asking you
to wake
into this life
or inviting you
to one that waits.

Either way
takes courage,
either way wants you
to be nothing
but that self that
is no self at all,
wants you to walk
to the place
where you find

you already know
how to give
every last thing
– David Whyte, The Bell and the Blackbird

A poem like this grabs you just like that bell or blackbird, reverberating inside and declaring it sees what you’re doing. What you’re not doing. And reminds you that time is quickly slipping away. And yet here you are, giving it all away.

Or are you?

When we finally wake up into this life, we see the uneven ground we walk on, the big asks and the small favors that add up. How do we deal with that, when we finally see life as it is? Do we run away from it or embrace it?

What is asked of us is not the point of life. What matters is what we give. Willingly or grudgingly, what we give back to life is all that ever matters.

Have the courage to be selfless.

Have the courage to give it all away and go to what awaits you.

But wake up.

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