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Learning of Lagom

A work friend recently shared a word previously unfamiliar to me, lagom, which I found delightful. Simply put, lagom is a philosophy of living in balance. This article describes it perfectly:

“Lagom translates as “just the right amount.” It means knowing when enough is enough, and trying to find balance and moderation rather than constantly grasping for more. Lagom is that feeling of contentment we all get when we have all that we need to make us comfortable. — Jonny Thomson”

The author points out that there are two distinct meanings derived from lagom. In the first, it’s more about playing fairly with others. Don’t hoard everything for yourself. Share and be generous. In the second, lagom is our internal viewpoint or philosophy. Live in balance and moderation for a happier life. Being present and savoring what we have instead of always crying out for more.

Most of us strive to live in balance, play fairly, consume in moderation and generally be a good person. These truths are universal. The thing is, we can live a life grounded in lagom without ever knowing the word. But now that we do, how does it feel rolling off the tongue? Awkward? New words often are. But the meaning behind the word ought to feel quite natural.

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