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Giving Oxygen

It’s in the stars
In the sun
It’s everywhere
In everyone
And it will be every day
From now on
From now on
We are one
And it’s amazing
— One eskimO, Amazing

I began today with the horrific news du jour. Generally I avoid news altogether as the quagmire of miserable sensationalism it generally is, but I got caught in it first thing. Bad news always finds a way to us. Good news we have to seek out.

This isn’t active avoidance, this is an act of preservation in a maddening world. We don’t have to like the ways things are, and we should continue doing our best to make things better, just don’t get swept away in the madness trying to save everyone. Like they say on the plane, put your own oxygen mask on first.

I don’t know why we’ve become so angry and unfocused. I don’t know where a mindset of scarcity and bitterness takes over feelings of abundance and gratitude in the lives of so many who have so much. Blame it on media, blame it on political and religious leaders inclined to stir for power and influence. Whatever it is, we lose sight of our one-ness when we give oxygen to enflame. That’s not the best use of oxygen.

So I sought the sunrise, and the gratitude of another day. If fate allows, perhaps I may catch a glimpse of sunset too. It’s all amazing, really, when we stop to see it.

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