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Early Riser Humility

I brag about myself as an early riser, until I get out into the world and see how many get out there well before me. No, bragging is a fools game, there are plenty who get up earlier than you John. It would be better to state that I try to get an early start to my day. Leave the brag behind.

I could say the same thing about everything I profess some measure of expertise or superiority about. Plenty do and know much more. I strive to be better at writing, exercise, career, observation, and being a better father, husband, son, brother, mentor and friend. We’re all just figuring it out as we go, picking up life skills along with technical expertise as we march along on our spin around the block of life. Pick up some knowledge, pass it along, help each other along the way, just as they’d help you. Life is humbling, but offers the same lessons for all of us should we wish to learn it.

I write this between glances at the halo around the moon and the dark purple sky turning to blue and pink, as I walk and type on my phone trying to squeeze two important habits in before the day gets busy amongst the buzz of a world that woke up before me. I’ve managed to avoid tripping over myself thus far; surely a testament to luck versus skill. I wasn’t up first, but hey, I’m out here trying to get a little better. That’s something to build on, isn’t it?

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