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No Regrets

The Regret Minimization Framework is simple.
The goal is to minimize the number of regrets in life.
So when faced with a difficult decision:
(1) Project yourself forward into the future.
(2) Look back on the decision.
(3) Ask “Will I regret not doing this?”
(4) Act accordingly.

This Regret Minimization Framework business seems a bit hokey, doesn’t it? Even when you watch the incredible Jeff Bezos video where he admits to being a bit of a nerd with the name. But when you watch it through the lens of perspective in who Bezos has become, and what has become of Amazon, well, it seems less hokey.

Which brings us back to the question: what will you regret not doing today? Will that spur you to action or will you punt it to tomorrow with some story that you’ll really do it then? Isn’t it better to punt the safe route to the future, and tell ourselves that we can always go back to it if these things we’d regret not doing don’t work out?

Choose the path of no regrets.

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