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The Gestures With Which We Honor

the path to heaven doesn’t lie down in flat miles.
It’s in the imagination
with which you perceive
this world, and the gestures
with which you honor it

— Mary Oliver, The Swan

Heaven is right here, friends. Whatever comes later is unknown to all of us, no matter how much faith we hold. The trick is to be here, now, and love what we have (Amor fati). What comes next has never been in our control, but how we react in this moment is all ours. Not impetuous, not cynical, but earnestly open to all that comes to us in this lifetime.

I’m excited about the day ahead. Are you? So full of potential, so ready to be experienced. Full of challenges and tests of our will to be sure, but also full of wonder and fresh perspective. That wonder is all around us, a spark of insight into the universe instantly recognized when we pay attention. Pay attention, for it’s there we find delight.

Don’t wait for heaven. We must find what we can of it today. Tomorrow will take care of itself. It always does.

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